Hello Wonderful Reader,

If your reading this most likely it is because you have a child, children or family member on the autism spectrum, your interested in autism and ABA or you know me personally and are interested in what’s going on in my families life fairly specific to raising a child with autism.  Thank you for reading and I hope this explains, educates, inspires and changes people’s idea of what is possible and how it could be done though I appreciate hearing other methods (scientifically proven only please) and would welcome comments, URL’s and book suggestions.

I have noticed lately my blogs on middle schools are getting a tremendous number of hits from my school system and unless your my child’s teacher who wants to know about his potential and past you really do not need to read further. I’m pretty sure the Constitution gives me the right to speak even about Fairfax County with the good, bad and OMG included with my opinions and recollection of the events.

My purpose in writing was to expose the highs and lows of  having a  child on the spectrum, daily life on the spectrum, the early years on the spectrum, running an ABA program, working with a school system with amazing teachers (some not as appropriate but hard working) a few amazing admin  and a few just awful and some of the parents, teacher, novices and new typically developing friends autism programs I have created and run in the past and later next month the ones I am working on currently.

The facts as I have written them are the truth of my experiences as I remember them.  For those new to my site I would like to say that it has been mentioned that my writing appears less than Noble Laureate material and I make no apologies for not going to school for an English degree as actions and results define me not grammar and spelling hopefully you are not an editor and those things should not define them either.  Focusing on creating change for my family and for others has lead to a pretty rewarding life.  My success and failure is obvious in the more the 50 blog posts with the desire of helping others hopefully make fewer mistakes, understand their rights and motivating them to help others and advocate for people (maybe even their child) in need.

I hope the teachers, admin, BCBA’s, parents, sisters, brothers, grandparent’s and future autism advocate remember this one pearl of wisdom and that is all children deserve high expectations and your best effort that day.  As a parent with 100’s of friends who are teachers and parents the disparity for the best you can do that day is huge but the knowledge that pushing yourself towards their best out come will keep you going.

All for the kids,

PVBIA Momma/Shannon


3 Responses to Welcome!

  1. J and D says:

    How can I get in touch with Phyliss Behr? Thank you, love love, love our blog.

  2. J and D says:

    Your blog! Sorry typo

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