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Getting and Staying COOL!

Bird just got home from school and was singing 21 Guns by Green Day.  He knows this song because we have spent a lot of time getting him to want to enjoy modern music! Especially over the summer when I … Continue reading

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The talk before the walk

Today likely Bird will be walking home from school alone when all the other kids are released.  It’s not a long walk and one he has done hundreds of times with his brother and sister.  This is the second time … Continue reading

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Writing and Email -academics

My husband set up an email account for the kids.  It is pretty secure and only those approved can get or send emails. Bird’s biggest weakness is his ability to tranfer thoughts onto paper (I have that too!). Today I … Continue reading

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Mere Friend or Foe

Days passed and Mere waited for Bird but he did not come. I think 6 days of class were missed when I got a call from Mere asking if I could bring Bird in today? I said,”No, his brother and sister has a little cold and I don’t want him to infect anyone if she is getting it as well.” She said it was okay just bring him in. I said,”No, I really don’t want to send him without seeing the room and the other kids and what goes on.” She said that is fine to come ahead. I told her I did not have a sitter and she said than bring them all. Continue reading

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Bird’s autism diagnosis part deux….Part 2

I live in that moment of his diagnosis when I am angry at kids who ignore him or treat him badly or teachers who have no appreciation of how hard he worked to become who he is since age 2.5 for 50 not 40 hours a week and every day since then! I danced when he turned 8 and I knew they were wrong so wrong something I knew before but now had concrete proof of…the only institution he was going to was Harvard! Continue reading

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To treat or not to treat and what that looks like in real life! ABA-does it work?

Many people lie to themselves or others that these kids will be just fine when they grow up. WAKE UP 81% of all people with autism are UNEMPLOYED. They do not have that stat for most other disabilities because they do not need that stat! DO SOMETHING…or watch your child fail because you did not! For this story is the train wreck I can not look away from and I wish I could. Continue reading

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Dinner someplace new

One day about 6 years ago I was on my way to pick up my sister from the airport right after speech therapy in South Riding.  This was a departure our usual of leaving speech to do drive through at … Continue reading

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