proper nouns vs. common nouns for kids with autism

We have been working on proper vs. common nouns for my 9y.o 4th grader and it is a challange.
He is not the greatest with grammer so telling him that words that are capilatlized does not always hit the mark as he is not thinking that way when looking at a worksheet where none of the words are already capitalized.
Here is what I came up with and I hope it helps some of you if this is or will become an issue as it’s a visual stratagy:
Telling Bird that he needs to be able to visualize something specific like Mrs. Miller vs. a woman.  Mrs. Miller is a face he knows of just one woman so it should be capitalized but woman applies to many different faces or The Eifel Tower vs. a building.  Can you see 20 different building and the answer is yes but is the Eifel Tower 20 different buildings, no.

We are up to over 100 idioms now and it is really fun to work on.
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