Colonial Day

Yesterday was Colonial Day for my twins now in forth grade.  Peep a typical, rambunctious, funny and outgoing girl did and was who we knew she would be during the days events of novel activities.  She laughed a lot of the time she was up dancing in front of the room and wanted to show me everything she did at each station.  Bird a beautiful and loving boy with autism was not who most would have thought he would be during this chaotic day!  He sang, danced, went through each evolution of crafts and games with the grace most parents of a typical child would be proud of!  He wore this silly 3 point paper hat and the colonial costume past down from his older brother Herd from last years Colonial Day and was amazing.  It for him was fluid and easy and I totally attribute this to always making sure Bird’s life had many many days of unpredictability.  His life has been subject to being pulled out of school for the day without warning so that he could go play laser tag with me or go to JHU for some day long test or see Alice in Wonderland with MOM alone!  His summers were filled with daily unplanned trips to where ever with no pattern and no forewarning all the time keeping his behavior and desire for sameness in check by reinforcing his great behavior.

I think the sky is the limit for my guy and I am so grateful for the education I have perused, the Les who keeps me in check, the husband who allows me to to keep a messy house and sane kids and God.

Today life is stellar!  a word I like a lot because it personifies happiness to me.

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