actual language vs. memorizing

Today Bird and I were working on his Social Studies test among other things.  He has always done really well with Social Studies and had no problems passing the SOL last year.

This year in 4th grade I really feel like he is not getting enough understanding of what the words mean and the concepts about the past and history for more than just dates and places.

Working on Segregation and Desegregation was fun. We talked about segregating apples from oranges and how Brown vs. School Board applies to him and autism.  Making it about him made it more understandable.  Memorizing is never a problem for Bird but I want him to understand complex concepts and this is important not for a test but for life.

Talking about the economy was another important concept that involved discussing his brothers meager house hold savings of $12 and how adding zeros would change his state of economy but how that would change quickly when he got to a video game store and he lost his liquid assets and gained concrete assets.

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