Summer Camp Blues

I usually try and write something about the weekend or the past on Monday mornings to start my week off thinking about how to make life better for Bird but today that likely won’t happen.  Sorry to those who enjoy the blog…perhaps tomorrow will inspire me or I will be less in the moment of the email I got today at 7:30am.  Right now I have a small rant.

I just had a 3rd teacher in 3 weeks drop out of my summer socialization camp for kids with autism and I want to scream.

WHY, WHY bother to sign up if you are going to break a commitment? WHY is the commitment to a group of really great kids less important than your new plan?

I am likely going to have to shut down 2 classroom because of this and I am so pissed!

I hope my children live with a the dignity that comes from NOT breaking your word!

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