Giving a little

After 2 groups of the boys night out group I finally gave in and did what Bird wanted instead of what his current path would dictate.

Bird came home today with a great report.  His teacher quickly implemented all of the strategies she could in a single day and with amazing results.

We went to soccer at 4 and while there Bird’s best friend told Bird he was going to the Boyz Night Out a program I developed for boys on the autism spectrum to make new friends and work on appropriate social skills about a year ago.

Bird was sad because even though the intend of the program was to make it for him we never actually signed him up for it because his life is all typicals and creating typical behavior.

I spoke to KAM and we decided that this would be okay and to use it as a carrot to entice more great behavior (like his work today at school).  Bird came home elated and with hopes to go back.

I think in the rush to make Bird more appropriate maybe a misstep in thinking about what he wanted was a huge oversight.  One I will be careful not to make again.

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