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Hello Friend, I have been MIA getting ready for the end of the school year with my precious 3 and getting ready for the autism camp I founded and run.  Camp starts this Monday with 76 kids with autism and … Continue reading

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So the doctor give you the C word and says,”Yes, you have cancer but it is treatable but you will not be like everyone else….you will be different but you will still have a semi-decent life.” You are given a tedious and painstaking regiment of what you need to do because it has worked on millions before you and you have seen the science behind it Continue reading

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How to be a winning parent!

A few years ago I was running a program called PVBIA Beginner where we trained parents and novices on how to do ABA with their children and others children with autism. This is a best I remember the story as it was like 3 years ago.

A momma named Manju (who told me long ago I could use her name) was in the program. She worked hard to become Valedictorian of her class and below is a story that reflects part of how she was the best of the best. Continue reading

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Mrs. Sheehy’s Standards and The Bully!

WHY don’t parents talk to their kids anymore???????????????????????????? Little girl with ID needed a champion to show her she had more than physical beauty (she is very pretty) to offer the world. Scum needed someone to give him a touch of ethics and tell him mocking anyone till they cry for 2 straight weeks is EVIL.

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