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Autism Speaks-NOT

ONLY 4 % of ALL of Autism Speaks money goes to servicing families or people with autism! This according to their own hand out! If you read NOTHING ELSE in this blog know that THEY ARE NOT IN THE BUSINESS OF HELPING ANYONE ON THE SPECTRUM! My mind wants to say I read 8% but it can’t be that high as I almost cried…these are again THE NUMBERS THEY GAVE THE ATTENDEES AT THEIR OWN FUNCTION! Continue reading

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Leaving the POAC-NoVA…tiny rant…okay maybe a big rant?

I left PVBIA (POAC-NoVA’s Verbal Behaviors Instructors Academy) a group I founded and sadly named. Yes, yes I know it sounds like and STD but I was so excited about having a little money at poac to help our families I never though about how non-eloquent it was or many other things I should have considered before embarking on such a loft goal with almost no college credits and lots and lots of experience in dentistry and emergency medicine. I have never been one to look before I leap so I hope those I attempted to help remember almost all I did was out of the shear desire to see happier kids with autism and happier marriages of their parents. Continue reading

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Tentative Steps Forward

You really need experience to learn. Shelter while comforting for mom and dad is not creating children who are capable of living with the eclectic masses we all endure in the real world for good or bad each day. Autism does not come with the benefit of observational learning without loads of repetition and people often don’t give you a second chance so sending Bird off to fly and fall will bring change that will make his life less stressful as he grows but a little more stressful in the moment. Continue reading

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