Maura Kelly Grow Up!

I don’t generally write about non-autism related things on my blog but this is just like Mean Girls or Queen Bee Wanna Be by Rosalind Wiseman (who’s work was the source for Mean Girls).  I think Maura’s obsession is proliferation of really bad writing and mean spirited hate.

I saw this yesterday posted by Jen and her sister and considered not posting it as I am one of the targets…a bigger girl. I read the Huffington article and was actually not surprised that it was published more that it took this long for someone to say what so many others think….it’s totally cool to hate on the fat…. If you obsesses about: exercise, work, the net, social networking, self promotion, sex, your house, your cleanliness of that house, your kids it’s all good. If you obsess about food you are generally considered a second class pariah and good for an occasional jibe or discussion about how lazy you are. I suppose yes I could pick another more socially acceptable obsession because I remember how people treated me in a size 6 but for now I will just weed out the assholes by NOT doing it.

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A reputable international magazine for women just came forward and told millions of women that its staff thinks they’re gross. It gave a bigot the platform to come out and hurt millions of people.
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One Response to Maura Kelly Grow Up!

  1. pvbiamomma says:

    I think discrimination is the international sign for stupidity!

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