follow up Middle School

Mr. Meier’s et all,

I am requesting that Mr. Berquist no longer be allowed to call me on the phone and that communications hence forth are in email and cc’d to someone anyone at all at Robinson.  I also want to clarify as Mr. Berquist has told me that my email looked as if I had issues with Dillon’s teachers that this is not true and I am sure that I wrote this in my last email.  I also conveyed to Dr. Meier’s and Stephanie Waigand that Dillon’s teachers were wonderful; though I wonder if anyone has mentioned at this point to them as Mr. Berquist needlessly defended them in quiet a spirited manner despite my last email.

Before I get to far ahead though thank you Dr. Irene Meier’s for calling me back and the long chat.  I look forward to seeing some changes and thank you Stephanie Waigand for the call if you can continue with Dillon’s schedule change that would be great.

Back to Mr. Berquist who has informed me that my emailing the school board has upset the school which is a pretty big place to upset but okay.  I would hate to see what an actual multi-student issue does to Robinson in that case.

Mr. Berquist has informed me that he had knowledge that I emailed Dillon’s base school which he did not think was appropriate despite my on going relationship with many of the faculty there and my right to speak with friends.

Further, he has asked me if I was aware that he would be receiving the emails because,”Mr. Meier’s really wants us to be in the loop.” This was said as if some how I did not wish to have him informed of the ridiculous behavior.  I was also told that Mr. Spears spoke with Mr. Berquist immediately which is what I would have hoped for so really unclear why it was stated with bravado.

Lastly, and likely legally he told me that my son was offered self contained because they have previous anecdotal information that it was the right setting and likely it was on the PLOP page.  I will be going through that IEP and I assure you after your finished reading it you too will feel a small fraction of the disbelief I am feeling that this could even has been mentioned!  WHO are you putting in the most restrictive environment?  DILLON HAS NEVER HAD AN ISSUE AT SCHOOL.  6 OF HIS 7 TEACHERS AT ROBINSON HAVE ALREADY WRITTEN ME OR TOLD ME THAT HE IS DOING FINE AT ROBINSON.  This is an incredibly serious issue that the ACSD, school board and many others should be made aware of because if my son looks like someone they need to put in that environment perhaps 100’s of other kids have ended up there as well in error.  I will write a few list servs to investigate but later.

I have the right to email anyone I care to email. Mr. Berquist’s contentious, rude, bullying, sarcastic and possibly illegal phone conversations will stop NOW.  He did inform me that he would not email me because I would turn what he said as well so perhaps someone else there has email?  I only wanted my sons schedule changed with regards to the special ed admin and have no idea why he needed to do anything other than email me the pertinent detail.

By the way if I upset the building perhaps people should be upset!  My son was discriminated against and his placement was predetermined what about this is not upsetting?  How many other kids are being discriminated against at this and other schools if you think Dillon’s IEP in any way shape or form meant he should be in a self contained room?

With Serious Concerns,
Shannon McGrail
I failed to mention I worked for PEATC for a year btw and was planning to go back this year if things went okay at school but that is not looking good right now.

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