5th Grade

5th Grade!

Originally Posted on September 3, 2010

Where did the time go?  I remember like it was yesterday when I watched little Bird learn to take his first steps on the beach at Pawleys Island.   Now he is 5’3″ and 90 pounds (to thin the doctor tells us but he always has been) and at 10 years old as of last month going into 5th grade! YES, he did pass ALL of his 4th grade SOL’s at age 9 I bother to say this because he is so tall many assume he failed a grade or three!

The stress leading up to today was tremendous with fears about who he would have as his teacher.  The idea is so trite to most parents at my child’s school.  I have a friend who’s daughter got the worst of the worst teachers and simply shrugged it off as nothing all that worrisome.  We had a year with a teacher who was just lovely but not appropriate for Bird and it was such a disaster that he came close to ending up with very little time in Gen Ed!

5th grade was hard last year for Herd!  He was in the highest math and spelling groups and with a teacher I very fondly refer to as The Home Work Queen!  While his friends had scarcely 45 minutes of work Herd would always have at least 2 hours and some days 3 hours in part due to compacted math which while he did advance pass the 6th grade sol in 5th grade was still hard for him.  Naturally I fear for Bird knowing that Herd who never broke a sweat in all his years of schooling did have some struggles.  I won’t mention Peep because she is not worth stressing over a academia is really easy for her.

Back to Bird; we found out today he got the teacher I had been praying for all summer long.  She has a child with some learning disability in 6th grade and is kind but firm.  I have been able to breath a sigh of relief at least knowing his teacher (like the past 2 years) will be amazing.

Bird on the other hand is a bit of a mess!  His academic label has moved from autism to learning disable and so his case worker is different and in fact the way he is to be educated will be different.  He feels it and for the first time he said today he was going to “Panic” about school while we were at the open house.

1. Because change is so hard for him

2. Because his beloved Mrs. Wiley is off this year on personal leave very sadly and he found out today

3. Because Ms. Beaver who has been his teacher/case worker for 2 years is now not working with him.

I plan to have him run on the treadmill (he is a runner and very active) in the am before class until jump rope starts to help get rid of some of his internal conflict.  I really hope it reduces so of his newly hormonal/stressed body.

We shall see???


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