A little less talk

Originally Posted on October 7, 2010

Well, 5th grade is going fine on the surface but small things are creeping up that I have taken longer to notice than I likely should. To nit pick Bird’s spelling words are ones he mastered in 3rd grade that I needed to point out to the teacher. He started out the year not using his organization system via the expandable and choosing to use his pockets…yes, his pockets to carry important work around in. That was quickly fixed. But these are pretty trivial. The bigger issue is that I found myself relaxing a little. I found myself feeling a sense of pride and thinking maybe things are okay. He is doing great in school, has friends, play dates, soccer and running and ccd with scouts so by all counts typical 10 year old boy stuff. UNTIL….Les found his Multiple Intelligence Quiz today in his back pack….no drama or foreboding music but a get real moment for me. Bird answered ever question in groups of 4-6 questions per section with like 100 questions not even close to what we have known about him. So, either he got lazy and just wanted to finish or he did not know how he feels about himself. I tend to think it’s both after reading over the test. Solution to this single obvious issues of the 100′s I have over looked…sigh: I need to go through this test with him and explain each section and each feeling. Yes, this is a simple thing but it lead me believing I have really become lax on Bird and getting him where he needs to be because he is compliant, verbal, doing homework (a lot independently) and has friends. So, back to the drawing board in going back to basics and looking at conversation, accepting others feelings, reading body language and maybe more on bullies? In the words of A Little Night Music,”Everyday a little work.” and Dorey,”Just keep swimming, swimming swimming.”


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