Autism and Reading Comp…more examples

Autism and Reading Comp…more examples

Hello Wonderful Readers

Here are some more examples of language and phrases you might want to check your own learner to see if they already have if they are a high/advanced learner around 11 or older would be appropriate (I say this because  a woman went to my husbands office crying about her son with autism who could not ride a bike.  After counseling and kind word and the suggestion of an amazing program called Lose the Training Wheels he found out the boy was only 4…this is a ridiculously young age to expect any child to ride without training wheels and this poor momma did not know what is age appropriate).

Here are the words and phrases we are working on from page 1-24 in Fly Girl (it has taken roughly 3 hours to get this far because of the need to ask Bird what he thinks is going on, meanings of things, making predictions, understanding historical references andinferences) a long time to get a little done but so worth it!

in the previous blog Autism and Reading Comp:

Ferrying, Loony, you’re (yep, little word but he did not know it), debutante, “It takes one to know one” and anxious.

The last few days of reading:

Trundle, clasped, solemn, enlisting, overalls, commission, stoic, rationed, nonessential,posted as an officer, negro unit, few and far between, colored infantry and crop duster.

Bird will write the words on 3X5 cards and then look up the meanings and write to sentences to go along with the words.  We will add them to the 100′s in the box and over time he will be quizzed on a mix of words he has mastered along with ones he does not know so depending on the day 3:1 or 2:1 until he masters the word or phrase and eventually it will move out of the box.

This system is used a lot in ABA/VB it is also called discrete trials/dtt.

If you want more of the list we make from Fly Girl feel free to ask and include your email address so I can sent it off blog.


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