Autism Interview with my son Bird

Today my son Bird and I were working on his heritage report for 7th grade history class.  We (his dad and I) have been working with him on his families past and present and part of the project is to write about yourself meaning Bird.  Because Bird’s autism is a big part of his life I thought it would be useful to share some of his insights on his life with autism.

I hope you do similar with your child if at all possible as I had no idea Bird would not take the magic pill if offered and I really enjoyed hearing his insights.  I found this particularly heart warming as he has had to work so hard and gotten so much grief from other kids for his disability.  He really is a gift from God I don’t deserve but will rejoice in having to the fullest unless we are having a simply awful day and then I will be glad I have some patience.

My Autism an interview by Dill’s mom to Dill


Dill when do you think you knew you had autism?

Around 4 when I could speak at last I realized I had autism and that was the heaviest day but I kept it to myself.


What did you think autism was when you were little?

Like you had something wrong with you.


How has your autism changed? Whats different now?

I think that I have had lots of it in the past and now I think I have none as if it just drained away.


Do you think you understand what people say the same way Drew your brother understands the way people talk?

Yes, I think so but I don’t think I’m turning into my brother.


What kind of work have you done to work on making your autism smaller?

I have in the past gone to autism summer camps that I mom has made in basement of our house and of a church twice.  I work with my 2 therapists Nick and Lester (Lesley) and I usually in the summer do talk about the autism and during the school year I work on homework and such.


Are you jealous of other kids because they have more time than you?

No, I am not I just want to get the work done before everyone else not to get an F.


Are you sad you have autism?

Well that’s a tricky question to explain but I make it simple it is very hard to have autism because people don’t know if you have or don’t have autism and they think if your like me they’ll just think you don’t have autism but if they look you in the eye someone with high autism they can tell instantly.  It does make me sad well because they make fun of you.


Tell me about your friends  with autism?

Well my friends with autism have a good life I have to say but they usually need help with homework and they are in a special class for the autistic.


Do you wish you were in a special class with your friends?

Heck NO


Tell me about your typically developing friends?

My typical friends in the past have been very nice but they have been told by my mom that I have autism.


Do you wish your mom had not told them?

No, because they would understand why I act weird.


Do you think you act weird?

Yes, and I am proud of it.


What do you hope to do with your life?

I hope I become a scientist they can understand more about the world.


Do you wish they had a cure for autism?

If there was a cure for autism I would not take it.  I think my friends with autism would.


What do you want the world to know about people with autism?

I want the world to know that some people are weird and some people are normal but they may or may not have autism and it doesn’t matter who you are.



2 Responses to Autism Interview with my son Bird

  1. Phyllis Behrer says:

    If it’s any consolation to Bird, my children say I am quirky. In a nice way 🙂

    • pvbiamomma says:

      Hey Phyllis, Our first and worship worthy SLP! Thanks for starting us on the right path 10 years ago (wow, and yep…10 years ago) and doing your profession proud.

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