Autism Misnomer

originally posted 7/25/10

onight’s sad demonstration of grief from my son with autism is further proof of something so many people with autism and loved ones with autism already knew, people with autism are capable of great love and sadness just like everyone else.  I state this obvious to those in the know because so many don’t know.

I have met and spoken with a number of teachers and friends who have explained everything from,”Children with autism do not want friends” to “Does your son have feeling for other people?”

My close friends with autism and my son are critical proof to me of the reality that they possess the same level of feelings and some much deeper than the average person.

This all came to me tonight as I consoled Bird over his true sadness.  I have had to console him many times in the past about missing his cousins who were not around for month to the recent loss of his turtle Hope (he so named because he hoped she would not die).

Tonight’s Bird came to me stating that something was missing with tear stained cheeks.  At first he could not articulate what that something was but he was amendment that it was missing and he was really sad.  It then came to him that his sister Peep was gone.  She left for camp last Sunday and when he realized what was missing he cried,”I want my sister.”  He has known she was gone and stopped asking when she would be back but he took a long time to connect with the feeling that she took something with her, him.


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