Baptizing the cat! Catholic Church vs. a child with autism

Bird has a test tomorrow in CCD.  Yes, an actual test not quiz but a test that if passed will mean he has finished with yet another year of CCD and if failed means that he has 3 more weeks of CCD and potentially the chance to do this all over again next year.  Yes, our church puts new meaning to “taking yourself to seriously.”  Most of my friends at other churches were stunned that they gave a test and that you could fail.  This however, is the same church that did not want Bird to take communion and sent a Priest down from Baltimore to make sure he knew mortal from venial as if most 7 year old do understand mortal from venial!

While studying for this test I found a number of things that did not make sense to Bird.  So much of the complex language of religion needed to be gone over that it was a great experience for both of us.

We sat side by side and did a mock confession where I was the priest and Bird the sinner.  I made up sins for him so I would not violate his trusting nature.  I drew pictures of a person, coffin, a heart to represent the soul and we discussed mortal from immortal we also talked about Percy Jackson and the Gods and how they were immortal.  Then we took a stuffed animal cat and did a baptism in my bathroom to talk about washing away original sin, Adam and Eve and others acts as a Catholic.  All of these things will contribute to having a Bird who understands more about the God and the world around him.  While I disagree with many things in the church I think religion is important for most people and love of God is important to Bird and I.

Scouts had the same affect on us.  Bird and I spend a lot of time discussing things during the many home assignments that he had for badges.  The time was really well spend and I am grateful to find more things that he is confused about or simply does not know.

We have a track meet and lego league today (I could kill my husband for scheduling lego league on Mothers Day) and both are more opportunities for understanding.

While exhausting putting your child into society to learn and grow are vital.

Last night at Eleanor Lawerence Park we had a mother’s day lecture (yes, it was a Saturday night) on raptors.  Bird asked the naturalist “Where is his tickle spot?” referring to a pretty hateful Bard Owl that was trying to bite the naturalist repeatedly and staring at his neck so that he could (according to the naturalist) “kill me.”  While I was horribly embarrassed the naturalist said he was unwilling to find out and all had a good laugh.

I submit that exposure alone can change the lives of kids with autism and that it is worth it!


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