Bird at 6 weeks old

As I said in an earlier post Bird was not the same as his brother or sister before he was born, after he was born and the lack of similarities continued to this day!

Bird was either silent and adverting his eyes, scared or crying hysterically.  His early life was really stressful.  We were really stressed as well about him and his sister as both had serious medical issues when they were born.  Bird with an ASD (atrial septum defect) and Peep with an unformed stomach and refluxing kidneys.  Through all that stress and no sleep (Peep needed to be fed every hour and a 1/2 on a predigested enzyme while Bird has being monitored for hypoxia by exhausted parents)  I did manage to notice that he was truly unlike his brother and sister in  a very concrete way.

Herd was born running for President and desirous of attention from his mass of fans everywhere we went.  He was fearless, engaging, anyone could hold him and he watched everyone’s face with great intensity.  Peep was born with a fearless nature as well and she also watched people faces with great intensity craving only her mother and beating up all others (poor Aunt Vicky) who attempted to gain her fancy.  Dill was not comforted by me or anyone else in any way.  He made no eye contact and had a constant look of fear.  Loud noises, strong smells or the presence of others was really disturbing to him.  I figured out he could be calmed in groups if he had a blanket over his head and could not seem the other people.

At 6 weeks I announced to my sister in law that Bird had autism and that this was sad.  She acted as most would first with horror,”Don’t say that” and next with reassurance that he was of course okay and not to worry.  Funny enough I knew nothing about autism at that point other than a made for TV movie I saw as a child which confirmed in my heart that autism was something I very much did not want!


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