Bird Fights Back

Bird Fights Back!

Yesterday Bird told me of a verbal altercation he had with a classmate who is a known bully!  Each day after school the kids and I drink tea while they have snack and tell me about the day at school as kind of a wined down before homework and my chance to find out what is really going on.

While they were eating Bird chimes in and said that he got into an argument after his spelling test with “the bully.”  My response is to go crazy over a boy who has taken so many verbal shots and occasionally a physical shot at Bird he is like a target with little left to shot at.

The argument I believe is because the Learning Disabled kids wanted to put him in the stupid box and believed when he joined them this year having been in with the kids with autism for pull out  in the past that he would do poorly.  Well, he actually does really great and yesterday got a perfect score on the spelling test with words that we have asked to have bumped up from where he started this year by a lot.

Back to the story: so rotten bully while walking in the door starts taunting Bird loudly,”Bird got a B.” then,”Bird got a C.” All the while Bird is escalating in anger and volume,”STOP STOP IT RIGHT NOW…YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO BULLY ME!”  The LD teacher hears the boys arguing and takes them out of the room to find out what has gone on and finishing the conversation by telling the boys that the bully must stay away from Bird and Bird should NOT respond at all to the Bully.

I call the school immediately in over-reacting mother mode and spoke to the teacher.  She is delightful and tells me that she is so proud that Bird stood up for himself and got loud!  She said he has no problems telling other kids when they are not being nice in a quick and loud tone which usually ends and does not come up again!

Bird has done A LOT of role playing with Les, his sister and brother and I working on what a bully looks like and how to respond.  We have since 1st grade drilled him about how people treat him and the difference between a friend and somebody else!  I am SOOOOO relieved to see the pay off!

The bully he got into it with yesterday is likely the nastiest kid in 5th grade and he handled himself well.  Parents with kids on the spectrum DO NOT overlook this critical part of development!  Kids need to learn to stick up for themselves.

Bird will encounter worse later on in life but for now I am so happy he handled this in a way that was successful.


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