Bird’s autism diagnosis part deux

originally posted 4/27/10

So we waited the 4-5 months to get into Georgetown’s Pediatric Neurology Group.  Bird went through a series of professionals from OT, Speech and Language, Psy and Neurological review.

At 2 years 9 months Bird was flapping, spinning, had a circle of one (no recognition of anyone in our family but him), occasional head banging when he smelled cigarette smoke, rigidity, severe food preference and no physical affection or langauge….in other words classic autism.

The team came to the conclusion that Bird was had moderate to severe autism and at almost 3 was functioning at the level of a 9 month old…wow, that was hard to hear.  Later in the consult May 23, 2002 (a day I remember more readily than my anniversary sadly) we were told the grim reality they saw ahead for Bird and that is by age 8 he would be living in an institution because of his massive size (he was tested for gigantism) and violent tendencies.    My husband and I disagree on that point but auditory processing is not something he is know for just as reading is not my forte.

I live in that moment of his diagnosis when I am angry at kids who ignore him or treat him badly or teachers who have no appreciation of how hard he worked to become who he is since age 2.5!  I danced when he turned 8 and I knew they were wrong so wrong something I knew before but now had concrete proof of…the only institution he was going to was Harvard!

I have sent his Neurologist numerous emails, photo copies and even voice mails which things from his use of sarcasm at age 5 to copies swimming awards and academic testing.  All of them signed in profanity!  I am sure their is a restraining order out there but you have NO RIGHT to taint my view of my child!  There is NO CRYSTAL BALL and the PSYCHIC FRIENDS NETWORK went out of business because they could not predict their own failure!

To those who tell you they know who your child is or what the future holds good or bad I suggest you stop them before you have a moment you never forget.

Who your child is today bears no resemblance to who they could be or will be in 5 years!  I submit that none of us are!


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