Brief Beautiful Bird

Just a short collection of funny Bird-ism’s I wanted to share before I forget.  Bird is my 12 year old with autism and one of my 3 kids who along with my husband make for one amazing life that I don’t deserve but am so grateful for!

Bird in the past has had some pretty big issues dealing with crisis and high anxiety moments when people were upset.  Once when we were in Nicaragua (a beautiful country worth visiting we have gone a few times) a bug flew into my friend Antonio’s ear and became trapped tearing skin in an attempt to escape.  Antonio was screaming and jumping around and at first people did not know what was happening as we were at an open air restaurant in Managua in a quiet part of town later in the evening.  Bird became very agitated and started yelling and could not sit down worried about Antonio.  After a minute or two of thought I poured liquor into Antonio’s ear to kill the bug (it works jfyi).   Lesley, Bird’s therapist was essentially holding Bird down (Bird being an very tall and incredibly strong  at 9 y.o) repeating,” Sit down and calm down NOW. ”   We all survived but Bird was of the 6 kids present and all close in age noticeable badly behaved which is unusually as he is almost always the most compliant!  Moving forward a year we were at Bird’s last Cubscout camp out before Boyscouts started and behind us was a very loud and obvious group of people partying while we were roasting marshmallows getting ready to tell stories before bed.  One of these impaired individuals threw something into their own fire pit that exploded with little force but lots of sound.  I yelled for my husband to grab our fire bucket (knowing these morons likely did not have one or it might not be enough) while I ran over to make sure everyone was okay (I have 11 years in the fire dept so naturally went to help) and I told everyone at our fire pit to stay put and especially Bird!  While I am carefully dodging tent spokes and lines trying to get over there fast Bird falls in front of me trying to sneak over and find out what has happened.  Ughhh… I was so mad I wanted to scream but simply told him I don’t have time to save you and them get your butt (likely I said ASS) back over to our fire NOW.  Then I checked out dumb, dumber and dumbest who were all fine and left.  Lastly, 1 month ago Bird, Herd and I were on our way to tennis with Jason at You Too Tennis for a fun last session and trophies when we were rear ended on the highway!  We were going maybe 45 in thick traffic and the guy who hit us was likely going 50.  I pulled over and say “Bird are you okay?” and he says,”Yeah, Herd (our oldest son who is 13) are you okay?”  It was a hit and run and Bird stayed in the car while I talked to the VDOT guy.  I got back in the car and Bird honored my request of not telling people at tennis because we could do nothing about it and we were fine!  he did so well and I was so surprised as this was not something that had to be taught but he actually matured!

Truly a testament to Bird’s observational skills we were driving to a party and Bird as his dad for the brush.  KAM hands it to Bird and then he does not use it but does simply pass it to his twin sister Peep sitting next to him with messy hair.  She does not love the story but does love his success!

Autism is not a death sentence.  With a ton of hard work all of our kids can have a quality of life if we focus on behavior first, love always and try always to continue to make daily strides.

All for our kids,



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