DEAR HATER! a letter to Suzi Q

The following is my first and hopefully my last hate comment on my blog!  It comes suspiciously enough after I emailed a few admin at my sons school and the school board last night.  More suspect it comes from a FCPS teachers IP address and most interestingly the manner stated in the hate comment who which they found my blog I myself attempted and it did not work …so word of mouth was how this person found out about my blog about this particular person.  Point of interest should I get another disparaging remark it won’t be pasted on my page and I am happy to talk to any detractors as coward is not a word most people would use to describe me.  I am happy to talk to anyone who has issue with what I have to say as I have been wrong about things in the past and will be again in the future…this time though…not so much.  With love and hopes for your Children! Shannon

“Suzi Q” my Blog contains factual accounts of my encounters with Mr. Bergquist. I stand behind truth as my defense.  I am happy you had a more positive experience, if your story is in fact true.  It is telling that you think a person you know something know through school is not capable of the abuse of power he hurled on me.  I had a similar issue with a teacher I trusted her name is***Wanda (not her name) and it burned me; feel free to Google it’s a sad story.   I still never felt the need to attack the people who rightfully told me ***Wanda (not her name) had done bad things and when it came time to go to court I actually did not testify because there were to many eye witnesses to dismiss the true and brutal reality and I had to admit to myself I was mislead and it was awful.  That will not happen to you so likely you will not realize that I am trying to see your side of sending hate to a stranger with an extensive history of helping.

But I seriously doubt it is since your motives and impartiality immediately come into question misusing County Resources to send such a hateful comment coupled with an obvious Pseudonym and an email address (…not her or likely his email address) that either implies you can’t spell Surf or that we have to endure putting up with you.

In either case, the IP that posted this comment is  That IP is owned by “Organization    Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) ”  See  (yep, this is real and I married a geek as any of you who can read know)

I wonder what crimes you committed sending such harassing emails and misusing these School resources? I especially wonder if you are a co-worker and coordinating with Mr. Bergquist who has been put on notice not to contact me again at least via phone on threat of filing formal harassment charges? This all may or may not be true but when you use a false name and email address it’s awful hard to tell.

Your caught me on the poor writing skills but my 7th grader with autism could have told you that and I am more than blunt about my lack of higher education.  If my credentials list a writing guild you would have an easy case but in fact it lists a mother of 3 kids who wants to help.  In fact I was homeless while many were in college so nope not terribly educated also information I am not embarrassed about and freely share so congrats on your college education and what likely was good parents who cared as your FCPS address means you are likely among the many in Fairfax County.  Education tends to impress fewer people than actions and results from my experience in actions and results.   I write my blog because for the last 7 years people have kindly asked me how my son became so high functioning  today and his tremendous efforts aside I could honestly could not remember the details and it was important for people to know. We had pretty good success according to NIH who rarely see’s kids that have “recovered” from his level of severity at his young age.  If you actually had a child with autism perhaps you would likely know why I use pvbia momma and that people actually know who the name belongs too and that I unlike you do not hide behind an email address and false name.

People have asked me how to start the programs I created and ran and now they run in India, Norway and China; share with me again how you helped the autism community or how many of your programs are still running at GMU or anywhere all done FOR FREE out of the love of success for our kids! My mission is to make the world a better place by fixing problems for the many who can’t do it themselves and I would like to know your goal in attacking me?

My track record is pretty amazing and so are my more than 2,000 readers not views…readers NONE of whom are that impressed with my writing skill but all are interested in my sons life and the attempt (not always success) to help people with disabilities.

I also founded a Mass Casualty unit for the RVFD which I created and its now part of Maryland FEMA Team 1 but I don’t blog about it because nobody care. Last month I met with the Fairfax Police Commissioner for the first time because I thought the Brian Glenn case was handled badly and he actually wanted to hear what I had to say and it went great….again not blog worthy but still more of a testament to small things that add up to small changes to help the next family whose 17y.o goes missing and if pronounced not valuable because he is likely a runaway …who we should be looking for in my opinion anyway.

Instead of calling me names why don’t you consider for a moment that somebody might have treated somebody else badly as stranger things have happened.  Even if you don’t believe the truth when you read it (most people shouldn’t) calling names and hiding behind a fictions name is a cowardly thing to do and not worthy of my time.  If you want to talk with me than email me back with your number and I will gladly talk to you because I am not hiding.



3 Responses to DEAR HATER! a letter to Suzi Q

  1. Lisainfairfax says:


  2. pvbiamomma says:

    Well readership is way over the hundreds just today and so I looked at some of the more popular blogs. Many seem to indicate that I know you guys are not reading my blog because I am Pratchett or Scott Card and I am pretty self effacing with regards to my inability to read or write which again leads me to wonder about the hater who thought I thought I could write. Instinct tells me she/he likely read the single post they were looking for before sending it to me to defend someone they felt wronged and make assumptions. I am a bit knee jerk as well and such is life.

  3. pvbiamomma says:

    Well, I went back to POAC-NoVA to start running my classes as I wrote in the blog I’m Back which is great as so many people need to learn techniques in ABA. My blog has blown up with more than double the hits in the last 6 months (very few for Dear Hater I am glad to say) but again not a testament to my skills as a literary genius but the story of Bird. My favorite new blog is the interview I did with him a month or so ago. Medical institutes continue to be impressed after meeting him and seeing how flexible he is with regard to transition and how kind he is and he did awesome on his Verbal IQ test (which proves…..he can take a test….not that he is smarter than some and dumber than others). I hope this note finds you working hard with your child/or yourself/your relationships. I have grown up more of in the last 10 years than the 35 before so it’s great to see we can all still evolve, learn and mature.

    All for Our Kids,

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