Dill’s poem

Hello Dear Reader,


Without to much detail Dill aka Bird wrote this for English class.  He is 13 and in 8th grade. This year has been better than last but that is another post for another day.

My Family

In my life, I have a twin sister
Her life has been turned aound
And sometimes she fells all down,
Sometimes she is foul

I also have an older brother
And man he gets in a lot of trouble
He is so big, he doubles
The size of me.

My mom, is the best and the nicest to others
But if all of us are in trouble, she will get frustrated at one another
And oh brother!
You better take cover!

My Father is the person that never gives in
Once the project begins,
He will not rest until it’s finished.
That is the man I believe and want to be.

I have a disability
That may have a possibility
My life is uncharacteristic
Because I am autistic.

Being autistic isn’t bad
And it is not sad
Because I am glad
Of what I have.

*His sister is fine btw and his brother has only ever been in trouble with his mom and dad thankfully and thus far.


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