Hello Friend,

I have been MIA getting ready for the end of the school year with my precious 3 and getting ready for the autism camp I founded and run.  Camp starts this Monday with 76 kids with autism and 24 typical kids with a staff of 13 teachers and 28 aides.

I was drawn back to writing out of rage!  I feel great rage towards a mother asking if her child will be put in a classroom with a child with MR?  and stating that this would not be acceptable and how many kids with “MR” (a term I hate now and use Intellectual Disabilities…since I grew up…just a little) or behaviors.  Only I doubt she is worried about the behaviors as our website was really clear you would be removed if you have any I believe she was actually thinking how awful it might be for her child to be in a room with kids with ID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is autism such a great prize that we should discriminate against others with challenges!  How about the blind or wheel chair bound…do you want a strict policy of no kids with physical disabilities or might that ACTUALLY TRIGGER YOUR LOW MORAL COMPASS??????????????  I can’t imagine how awful it might be if you would have to explain to a child with a disability that other people also struggle!

Let’s be clear Autism is NOT awful.  ID (previously known as  MR) is NOT a bad thing!  They are labels first and ONLY.

I would LOVE to have all 3 of my kids in a room with children with ID and   WAY SOONER than I would like to have them in a classroom with many of the typical kids in my daughters 4th grade class MANY of whom lack any ethics or morals at the ripe age of 10 years old and treat one another so badly I actually considered HOME SCHOOLING (this will shock my friends and family who know my kids have long since eclipsed me intellectually!).

But I digress….DO NOT ….DO NOT….DO NOT HATE ON OTHERS….Autism is not a step up or down from ID, Downs, Typical Kid Syndrome, Tourettes or anything else.

I had a mom last month pull her daughter out of my Teen Girls Program I believe largely because of her desire to ascribe those attributes to “those kids” and further her own daughters belief that she is not like that!  WELL, I have news for you Honey….we are all “THOSE KIDS” if we are outside our homes.  Somebody somewhere and at sometime thought they were above us for anything ranging from the car we drive to the size pants we wear!  NONE of us is immune to “well at least my hair is not one big ball of frizz” or “did you hear those people speaking….could they be dumber?”

Get off your high horse people!  Treat others like you would like others to treat YOUR CHILD and woman up in teaching your child that discrimination is UGLY and so are those who chose to use it like segregation.

My side not is that children with ID make really great play dates and the IDIOT worried about her daughter being at a camp with kids with ID was clearly to stupid to know this and I pity her!  Many, many years ago that was a label I wore in the school system.  For it Northern Virginia has 3 really great kids and a ton of autism programs!  My friends would also tell you their isn’t another as crazy, fun loving or unpredictable as I am.  Labels are just words…they do not define me or anyone else.


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