Friends with autism.

Friday was the last day of my socialization camp for kids with autism and things went pretty well save a couple truly memorable nasty parents who will likely never know why others would consider them assholes.

The camp was created by me to help parents and kids on the autism spectrum  make friends, this because I have heard others say that autism is isolating and that is not my experience.

My son Bird made his very best friend Rick (not his name) when they were both 4 and non-verbal.  Now almost 6 years later the two play on the same soccer team, have weekly playdates and monthly sleep overs and crave one anothers times and attention.  Both boys have typical friends and other friends with autism but both prefer one another or another friend with Asperger’s I will just call Q to anyone else.

I have seen so many parents with kids on the spectrum CRAVING the typical kids like they are the magic bullet and I don’t think it to be true.  If our friends on the spectrum are respectful of us, not aggressive, self injurious or inappropriate they make better friends than most typical folks I know!

I have 2 very close friends with autism David and Lindsey who I likely see more than most friends and happily.  Should I discount them because they have autism?  Better, should they discount me because I am the QUEEN of ADD?  I hope people don’t discount my son as a friend because of a word.  That would be so much easier to do than to recognize the beauty in who he is.


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