Good Bye PVBIA

Hello Friends,

Tonight I tendered my resignation to POAC-NoVA and PVBIA something I have waited 3 weeks to do.

I plan to list my reasons another day when my emotions are not as high and a clearer head is prevailing.

I have loved helping families like my own with kids on the autism spectrum as a volunteer running a school, more than 15 programs, 25 different classes (including 4 I taught), a summer camp and endless time talking with parents about life on the spectrum.

Tonight I am officially going off the list serv and at our board meeting will no longer be a part of an autism community I spent 6 years growing….and it is with a heavy heart but really necessary for my own growth and my family.

I will get specific in my next post but for now and happy to say I look forward to the next part of my new life!


3 Responses to Good Bye PVBIA

  1. Ginny says:

    Tremendous thanks for all you have done for POAC – this is from a parent who truly is grateful – you so rock. I love reading your blogs, you should look at getting them published in a book – love how you write exactly how you talk.

    Have a great school year – glad to hear Bird got the teacher you were wanting – makes such a difference. Coffee soon, ok?

    • pvbiamomma says:

      Thanks Ginny! Would love to do coffee soon and I will send out an email when school starts back. I hope Grif has an amazing school year!

      • Ginny says:

        Sounds great! Thanks for sending good wishes for Grif – we went to his kindergarten open house last week, he was great about meeting all the teachers, then when one kid approached him with a “hi, what’s your name?” he ran out of the classroom, down the hall and almost out of the school – thank God I wore flats – yelling he did not want to go to school. Our school adventures are just beginning, hoping it will be better Tuesday.

        Sending good vibes your way for Tuesday and looking forward to chatting soon…:)


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