Hello World/In the Beginning.

Hello world!

Hello World,

My intention is to record some of my life as the parent of 3 truly wonderful kids and a husband and our journey in life and with a child with autism.

I am the mom of 9 year old boy/girl twins (one with autism) and a 10 year old boy.  My husband and I have been married for 11 years of ups and downs…this year is pretty good!

Our kids are really amazing and each has their own really special brand of impressive abilities.  I am quiet a boastful momma and you should likely not read this if that will bore or annoy you as my life is really centered around making them as happy and well adjusted as possible without creating self centered, ego centric,  lazy or overall spoiled kids.

I have asked all 4 people who will be a large part of my blog if it’s okay to write about their lives and they said yes.  My husband reminded me that this is permanent and so I am aware of this and hopefully will only damage myself in this process and not those I love dearly.

Much of my blog will be sharing things about our son with autism Bird (this is a nickname we have used since birth) as so many people in our autism group have asked what we have done and I feel a bit bad waiting until now to put any of this in writing as I would have loved someone to have written something that might have helped me round 9 years ago.

I will start with the beginning of my pregnancy with Bird and Peep (his twin) in this blog only and try to make my focus on the present day with excepts from the past when I can recall them with as much accuracy as possible for my addled brain.

I got pregnant with the twins 5 months after I delivered a really intensely sweet, truly out going and very aware first born in every sense of the word Herd (my oldest pet name).  My pregnancy was doomed from that point as I carelessly thought I would not have twins because I am a twin and my twin sister has 3 singletons.  I went into labor when the twins were 30 weeks and was put on bed rest and a drug I can’t remember to keep them in me.  This was my second stint on bedrest as I had 3 months of bedrest with first son.  I delivered the twins who as with my first they said were way to small and way to early they were 7 pounds each and ruptured my uterus at 36 weeks!

I digress!  Dill was clearly not okay while I was pregnant!  He never moved while his sister could not keep still exactly like her older brother.  KAM and I went to the hospital time after time to find out that he was not dead he was just not moving!

Funny story, one of our many trips to the hospital resulted in a nurse who thought I was a nervous mom to be blocking my leaving the OB Ward!  Because I was so huge and looked so not happy she informed me I needed to come back in and that I would be fine to wit I replied,”TWINS” and she apologized and sheepishly walked away.

Back to the delivery room.  Peep screamed her tiny lungs out once born and rarely took a breath to do anything else for the next year.  Dill said nothing not a thing and not for a year.  Dill was clearly not okay and I though while strapped to the table for my second emergency c-section (Herd was the first) I was going to just have one one little girl and it was so sad.


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