Hope via David Hamrick

I have two good friends coming to speak for an autism group I have been volunteering for 6 years with POAC-NoVA tomorrow!

I am stoked because one of these people changed my sons life forever.

Previous to meeting David Hamrick  http://www.weatheringautism.org I believed that if Bird worked really hard and tried his best he could hang clothes at a TJ Max as an adult and that my husband and I would buy the house next door (sorry Kim, we do love you but talked about buying your house) so that he could feel like a bigger guy even though he would be dependent on us for the rest of his life.   I was not to horrified by this idea as I really would love to keep one of my kids forever but only if they wanted to stay and had the means to support themselves and be independent.

I met David at my first weekend Partners in Policymaking (PIP) an amazing 9 month class that teaches advocacy and legislation to parents with special needs children and adults with special needs.  It was a life changing class for me but more on that another time.

Myself and thirty classmate who I would spend almost a year with sat down for a session and introduced ourselves to one another and told the class why we were able to join PIP.  I wrote down each persons reason such as Beth Jarvis -son with Asperger’s syndrome, Adam Toobin- Cerebral Palsy, David Hamrick- Asperger’s syndrome and this went on for more than an hour.  One of our instructors John Richmond was actually a student in the Loovas Study of 1987!  Not a researcher or behaviorist but a child with autism!  John looks more typical today than I do!  He teaches in Richmond and has a radio show!  I was stunned when I met him.

At some point a really tall and good looking David sat down next to me while we were still meeting one another as a group.    I got up to use the rest room and call home to check on my kids who were only 5,5 and 6 years old when I started this class.  When I came back David looked a bit sheepish and I noticed my paper had been….RED PENNED!  DAVID RED PENNED my list of people correcting my spelling (always been really bad) and grammar (even worse)! I looked over at him with his little smile and said,”Thanks” sarcastically.  Then I noticed he crossed off Asperger’s Syndrome and wrote HFA (High Functioning Autism).  I looked at him and pointed to my paper and said, “No, Aspie” and he said,”No, autism.  I did not speak until age 4.”

David is well dressed, extremely articulate, great public speaker and has a masters in METEOROLOGY, a job, drives a car and has a ton of friends!  I could not wrap my head around the idea that my son who also did not speak until age 4 could have such an amazing life!  OH MY GOSH!  BIRD COULD BE HAPPY!

David and I have been very close ever since spending holidays and special times together.

David is now in a commited relationship with the super hot, very brave and extremely likable Lindsey Nebeker a hip chick with autism!  On sight she is nothing like what I though a woman with autism might appear but again the spectrum is endless.  Lindsey also did not speak until 4 and is now changing the face of autism and added to my list of very few very close friends who I love.

I wrote Lindsey  this today.

Hope really is the touchstone for kids with autism in my mind.  If you have hope that your child will have success than you do not give up.  It’s the not giving up part that creates positive change.  You and David offer that hope.
She and David are speaking tomorrow at the JCCNV in Annandale Viriginia with a mom Glen who has raised a young man with autism from 1-4pm and I can hardly wait to share the wealth of hope with our families!


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