Kat’s Slam Poem for Her Dill

I did not sanitize their names in this blog and likely won’t anymore.  Dill, Kat, Drew and Kevin have all given me permission to use our story and this is sadly a part of it.  Below was the email I shared with Dill’s teachers today.  I share it with you because if by some fluke you have typical kids that you offer them a true kindness as a parent by telling them it’s okay to be different, accept different and admire different and those who don’t or can’t should be told it’s bad behavior or at least ignored in the name of mercy.

Hello Dill’s Wonderful Teachers,

I wanted to share Kat’s slam poem about Dill with you because it really encapsulates his relationships with the fellow students at Robinson and I love her use of metaphor’s as clearly she is the writer in our family.  While sad our hope is that next year the bullies lay off enough so that Dill’s one friend that sits with him at lunch won’t feel compelled to leave from the stress but we shall see for now he wears the smile at school and saves the tears for home.

Kat wrote this slam poem about Dillon for school and while heart breaking shows that it really is not just the bullied who are the victims. This 12 year old girl has spent the last 7 years defending her brother.

One of Those Kids

I write this for the bullied
Those kids who feel unloved and cast out
Those kids whose trees of happiness and love are cut down
Before they can even start growing

One of those kids fights the lumber Jack everyday
That kid is remarkable
Nice to everyone
And he’s always smiling

Even though he made fun for his speech impediment
Even though he sit alone at lunch
Even though he knows more people are mean to him then nice

I want him to know that he is strong
And that he works so hard so that he can fit the typical image
But he is not Cinderella
And the glass shoe won’t fit him
But he tries anyway

I want the bullies to know that he has a sister
And that she along with other are pick up the shards of mirror
So that she can tape it back together, so that he can see what she sees a
Brother that she loves so much
And I want him to know that when she yells it’s because I care
And I want him to know that when she corrects something he says it is so the bullies won
And I want him to know that she isn’t embarrassed by his autism
I want my twin brother to know that he has a sister, and I love so much

I want the bullies to know that my brother has an older brother just 13 in 8th grade that is 6’3” loves him and that he has a sister that we will stop at nothing to defend our brother

By: Kat McGrail

Thanks for being the kind face he see’s each day and taking the time to get to know him as he is totally worth getting to know.  I truly believe Dill would not have survived the year without many of you.

Shannon McGrail
Drew,Kat and Dill’s Mom


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