Regression How Sweet It Ain’t

regression how sweet it ain’t

Originally Posted on April 13, 2010

Bird is going through his bi-yearly regression.  It co insides with his brothers life threatening allergies making a cocktail of stress I can only describe as acute pain.

This is likely part of the manifestation of allergies for Bird though he shows none of the typical water eyes, chest congestion, wheezing, runny nose or stomach upset that happens to his poor brother Herd.

The regression is always followed by great growth which is what keeps Bird alive at time like 2 weeks ago when we were driving home from New Jersey at 9pm at night after a visit to Grandpa’s and Bird happily jumped out of my truck in a smile, t-shirt, light jacket and nothing else but a towel from the waist down because after being potty trained for the last 4 years he forgot to get up and use the rest room at my fathers!  This was only eclipsed by his desire to stay at the McDonald’s and eat his snack.  It truly reminded me of a Will Ferrell moment from Old School where he happily backs into his wife’s car where her girls friends are sitting with no clothes on after a bit of streaking and requests they stop at Taco Bell!

We had a week during spring break where Bird actually flapped and hopped a stimm I have not seem him do in likely 4 years and it was hard to watch.  His loss of language his frustration and impetuous nature during these periods leaves the teachers at his school shaking heads and wondering if the placement in main stream was a good idea despite his academic abilities.

I am waiting with great anticipation for Bird and Herd to get better so that life can continue with the chaos and few moments of weeping.

Bird, Herd, Peep, Lester (Bird’s therapist) and I actually had a conversation with Bird yesterday about being in the little class or the big class and how it was his choice.  He chose the big class with the added stress, work load and expectations and I truly hope today was a better day for him so that he can prove to himself it was the right choice and I can reward the hell out of him for it!


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