Robinson and PVBIA

Well today we signed off on Bird’s new classes for the year and actual good suggestion were made for the electives that are taking the place of Basic Skills.  Basic Skills btw is a great class for so many kids it sucks that they did not care enough to find someone to teach Bird’s class for at least 12 weeks of the first semester/first year and a HUGE disservice to him and all of the kids in that class.  They were not a priority nor was making sure they got the most out of a resource classroom!

I miss PVBIA a little (but not some of the parents…many of you I do miss though) and when parents lack of effort was brought up at the addendum meeting today (which had no relevance to what we were talking about but was just another excuse not to help our kids) I told Mike I would email info about it.  For those of you who don’t know about the school I founded and ran for a few years to help parents/teachers and novices about autism here is some info.  Though my blog is riddled with stories from pvbia and it is the name of my blog so I guess a part of my identity.  For those who don’t have special needs kids I just want to add that almost none of you will ever need to invest 9 months of your life in a class with a mentor coming into your home to help you learn how to work with your child and more than 24 parents of 48 students did not including the 100’s who came to many of the classes and did PVBIA 1:1 or many other programs.  For those of you with typical kids just imagine what kind of kid you might have if you did????  These parents like so many worked, learned, accepted criticism and bleed sometimes to help their kids.  How much effort would you say or education for that matter you got and followed through on to help yours??  No attack intended but perhaps a little perspective on someone elses life.

Hi Mike et all,

Here is some information on the school I founded and ran for POAC-NoVA and GMU which we discussed this morning.  There are only 3 of the news articles on this URL of maybe 6 or 7 in this email but it is dated.  There were a few TV interviews as well and I know one is somewhere on Youtube but I think you can get the gist from the URL.

PVBIA Beginner the first school I created is still running in some form or another because of  PVBIA Advanced BCBA students/graduates who work now in India and China that I know of and in Denmark by a parent who I shared all of information with to the best of her ability I believe.

I feel really good about knowing my work has helped created people who will if allowed reach their full potential and parents count on themselves as the change agents in their child’s life and with courage and education remind the schools of their part of the deal.  Yes, I know many parents do not do enough but for those of us who do and the kids who deserve it anyway know that all kids deserve hope.

Shannon McGrail

P.S. Please ask yourselves what really is the criteria for placing a student in self contained?  Is it a knee jerk reaction or is it an appropriate placement.  Someone’s actual future depends on you.  I took my job and many callings very seriously and hope you will too.  One of us still has the opportunity to directly impact children’s futures for the better and I would actually rather it be you than me.


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