Talk the talk before the walk

Originally Posted on April 30, 2010

Today likely Bird will be walking home from school alone when all the other kids are released. It’s not a long walk and one he has done hundreds of times with his brother and sister. This is the second time he has done it alone at age 9. His sister Peep has chess club and his big brother is sick right now and likely won’t be going in today. This strikes less fear in me today than it did 2 months ago when I waited anxiously by the back door to see him walking thought my neighbors yard. The stress and prayer about him remembering all of the talks we had about stranger danger, how to handle bullies, run and yell, the chat last week about “safe houses”, don’t hang out in drive ways or you’ll get backed over, and so much more. Our lives are constant conversations for so many reasons but almost more than anything are talks that prepare him for future steps. Talks about how to handle being alone in the house, talks about hand washing, food prep, hug a tree if you get lost while out running, shut the door before you drop your pants to go potty, don’t talk to people in the men’s room, don’t point at homeless people, keep a seat in-between you and someone else if there is space. There is a book called The Hidden Curriculum with lots of information on these and other situations your child will be placed in. I am here to testify it is worth the constant effort to know my child feels so mature walking home alone but has all the information on what to do to get here.


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