The Golden Jump Rope and Autism Summer Camp

The Golden Jump Rope and Autism Summer Camp

Originally Posted on April 14, 2010

Today was a really special day for Bird as he was awarded the Golden Jump Rope at his jump rope teams final party!  He started on the team in September and could just barely hop over the rope one time without tripping up and has graduated up to jumping rope while on a pogo ball!  This group and the very loving and patient women who runs it Jen M with her great assistants really made a change in my sons life!  His sister joined the team as well but never quiet fell into it with the same passion she attacks everything else.  The 1 hour of exercise each morning Mon-Friday from 7:30am-8:30am really reduced his stress and made for a very productive year!  I think all kids not just kids with autism benefit from a little workout before school …it wouldn’t hurt my ever growing abdominal area either.

Tonight I had my teachers meeting to get ready for the summer socialization autism camp.  It went really well and the input and past experiences from our teachers was amazing.  The camp will be even better than last year and hopefully fewer parents will call me at 10:30pm to cuss me out!  As a parent/volunteer I really appreciate a less abuse but I guess to say that is to be a dictator…so I can muse that I would like that position more but for now will keep my head down and work.


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