Writing and Academics-email

Writing and Email -academics

Posted on April 29, 2010

My husband set up an email account for the kids.  It is pretty secure and only those approved can get or send emails.

Bird’s biggest weakness is his ability to tranfer thoughts onto paper (I have that too!).

Today I came up with this idea and sent if off to him.

Hi Bird,
For every response you send me with 10 or more words per questions I will give YOU…….(drummer role)  4 minutes EACH for playing video games regardless of school !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Question #1 for Mom- What did you do today?
Well, I washed some dishes then I did a load of laundry and then I wrote in my blog.
1    2  3           4       5        6    7   8    9     10 …ding ding ding…more than 10!
So, I just eared 4 minutes of video game time…WOHOOOOO!
Here are today’s questions for you Young Birdy!
1. Tell me who you love?  More than one person please.
2. Tell me 2 things you did today at school.  Just 2 with a little detail.
3. What was your proudest moment in life so far?
4. Tell me about a video game you think is the best?
5.  Name 4 foods you really like and 1 word to describe them.
POSSIBLE TIME FOR VIDEO GAMES………20 minutes!!!!!  BONUS 5 minutes for answering the ALL with 10 words or more.  No answers will be given credit if less than 10 words.

I tried to intersperse easy and hard and list with longer statements.  Listing is pretty easy for Bird and most people but applying and adjective is harder so only a few of those and keep to topics your child is actually interested in.  So if he really liked astronomy it would be something like: tell me what gases make up Saturn and then what planet is your favorite and why?


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